What’s in my 2020 Video Production Kit? (Camera Gear & Equipment Overview)

Today in this episode of Video Production For Creatives we’re talking about my professional setup for everyday type of shoots for 2020! I use these two setups frequently and think they are efficient and easy for you to use to make high quality videos overall. This type of 2 camera setup will allow you to get a great 2 shot or variety of shots you might want in your videos.

Today we’re going to go over some of my most favorite gear, that helps make my video production workflow easier for creative work, commercial clients, corporate videos, music videos and  film-making. In the upcoming episodes of VPFC we will discuss each camera setup more in depth.

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About This Video: In this video, Alex Kinter from Kinter Media shares high quality video production kit information for making videos. If you are looking for high quality video equipment or camera gear for filmmaking or in general, check out this video. This video gear overview will help you get more insights, tips and tricks on working with the equipment to create your videos.

Full Equipment List used to make this video here:


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