Be un·a·pol·o·get·i·cal·ly you!

Don’t apologize for being loud & crazy.

Don’t apologize for saying no.

Don’t apologize for following your dreams.

Don’t apologize for spending time on yourself.

Don’t apologize for being chatty or asking too many questions!

I have a very bad habit of apologizing for every little thing I do and I am not quite sure why I do it, maybe habit? I catch myself apologizing in the aisles of the supermarket and I apologize for the silliest things, even at home. It’s not necessary! It’s okay to apologize for losing your temper, it’s okay to apologize for being insensitive but you don’t have to apologize for putting on your shirt inside out! (okay, maybe that’s only something that I do!?)

Look, life is too darn short to constantly second guess ourselves!

Be who you are & DO NOT apologize for it! We were all created with purpose. If you try to change, you are going against that very purpose! Everything about you from the top of your head to the very bottom of your cute little toes is just the way it is meant to be! Now go on with your chatty self sister!


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