I started watching Babylon Berlin when it premiered in 2017. I am not averse to foreign productions, but I sometimes find it difficult to relate to different cultural values. Further, as a romance genre fanatic, I wasn’t sure if this show would appeal to me. 

Nonetheless, I gave this show a chance. It turned out to be one of the best shows I have ever watched. 

In case you love romances as much as I do, there are PLENTY in Babylon Berlin.

[The next part of my commentary contains SPOILERS]

I was so happy when Gereon and Charlotte finally acted on their undisclosed love for each other in Season 3. The director of the show made a masterful decision to have their love surface* during Reinhold’s birthday party. 

Like Reinhold and his lover, Gereon and Charlotte have a forbidden love. The Berlin police discourages any intimacy in their ranks.

I think that Gereon and Charlotte make a great couple because they have seen each other in the most vulnerable situations. Charlotte has seen Gereon struggle with drug usage and PTSD. Gereon has seen Charlotte come close to death multiple times. 

I would be curious to see if Gereon will find out about Charlotte’s prostitution in later seasons. Would this impact their relationship? This remains to be seen.

Ultimately, this was a long awaited scene for me. It proves to me that love can materialize in even the most difficult times.

*Pun #1: Recall that Gereon saves Charlotte from drowning by delivering air to her from the surface of the lake in Season 2.

[This is purely commentary on Netflix’s Babylon Berlin. The content belongs to Netflix.]


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