32- “Lie to me then” with Ivar @whenimaunicorn

Hi 🖐🏾 can I request 14, 63, and 69 with King Ivar?? I want a lot of smut with a lil fluff thrown in there as well pretty please!!! Btw love your writing!!  (anon)​

Hi! I love how you write! Can you do an Ivar promt with 29 and 59 please! Smut please! – Anon

Thank you for your requests!! I almost murdered my computer because I have tried to upload this freaking thing one times! Tumblr is tripping. I have no clue who this gif belongs to, I just googled it. There might be some typos, whatever, I’m on vacation y’all know what I meant lol

Warnings: Smut and some angst. 

The Pact- Ivar 

There was a certain air of arrogance that poured over
Ivar now that he was King, and you weren’t exactly sure you liked it. He’d
conquered Kattegat and hung his colors throughout the town stringing up those
who would not change their allegiances. And some of them were people you knew
your entire life.

It was no secret about how Ivar felt about you. He
sent for you every single day and every single day you ignored his advances.
Hiding from Hvitserk and Ubbe as if they were common things, you didn’t want to
see him. It was told to you that he had changed and some of those changes were
not for the better.

“Y/N,” Ubbe appeared perched against you gate as you
spread the dried corn to the chickens. “You are a hard woman to get alone.” He
smiles and takes and handful of the feed spreading it along the chickens with

“Ivar taught me how to hide.” You add with a smile.
“To what do I owe this visit?”

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